Prince William and the Unicorn - David Rockerfeller and the Unicorn tapestries

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⁣This video is taken from the New York Metropolitan Museums web site.
It is David Rockefeller speaking about his family and the "Hunt for the
Unicorn" Tapestries.

This is my blog on the tapestries, which explains their huge
significance, and the hidden meanings in them, and why they were so
important to the Rockefeller family.
1922 John D. Rockefeller Jr purchased six of the seven tapestries for
one million US dollars. To give you some perspective as to how much a
million dollars in 1922 would be worth today, the West Egg inflation
Calculator calculates that one million dollars in 1900, would today be
worth $24,613,670.55!!!!

That's over 25 ½ million dollars in today's money! Those tapestries must have been mighty important to him!

I have included this vid in the "Prince William and the Unicorn" series,
as the next few episodes will be about the Unicorn and the
constellation Monoceros,(Latin for Unicorn). This vid with the
accompanied blog is intended as an introduction to how the
EL(Elohim)ite, have used the Unicorn as symbolic of their power and
control over the masses.

Sandra Barr

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